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Xiao Yu

I am a first year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Columbia University advised by Zhou Yu. Before joining the Ph.D. program, I was an undergrad also at Columbia University, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Applied Physics.

🌟 Currently I am interested in:

Reinforcement Learning + LM Training

Planning Algorithms + LM Agent

🚀 My recent work include:

NAACL 2024

Teaching Language Models to Self-Improve through Interactive Demonstrations

Xiao Yu, Baolin Peng, Michel Galley, Jianfeng Gao, Zhou Yu

EMNLP 2023

Prompt-Based Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Goal-oriented Dialogue Policy Planning

Xiao Yu, Maximillian Chen, Zhou Yu

EMNLP 2023

KRLS: Improving End-to-End Response Generation in Task Oriented Dialog with Reinforced Keywords Learning

Xiao Yu, Qingyang Wu, Kun Qian, Zhou Yu

ACL 2023

Controllable Mixed-Initiative Dialogue Generation through Prompting

Maximillian Chen, Xiao Yu, Weiyan Shi, Urvi Awasthi, Zhou Yu

EACL 2023

FastKASSIM: A Fast Tree Kernel-Based Syntactic Similarity Metric

Maximillian Chen*, Caitlyn Chen*, Xiao Yu*, Zhou Yu